Change keeps coming – can you keep up?

Insurance companies are under more pressure than ever to control spending and cut costs. But if you want to attract and retain more customers, improve their experience and increase your profits, you can’t afford to stop investing in innovation.

Innovation is your advantage

Through innovative insurance technology, you can remove the friction from your payment processes for more efficient operations and double-quick payouts. You can more easily analyze insights, personalize each policyholder’s experience and reduce lapsed payments. Plus, you’re in a stronger position to manage ever-increasing risks, regulation and reporting requirements.

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Digital technology is the way forward – but going digital takes expertise

To keep ahead of your competitors, it’s more important than ever to digitize your services and processes. But with costs rising and budgets tightening, you need to see faster returns on your investment in new technology. And for that, you need a fintech partner who’ll help you take the risk out of innovation as you transform your business.

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Keep advancing insurance technology

  • Modernize and automate from front to back
  • Meet your actuarial modeling, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Take digitization to the next level
  • Get more from your investment portfolio
  • Simplify premium collections and accelerate payouts
  • Transform your treasury and finance operation
  • Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency
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With innovative technology and services, we empower people and processes across the insurance life cycle – whatever your size or type of insurance firm.

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insurance companies around the world
of the world’s largest insurers

And we have the awards to prove it

Our advanced solutions have won awards and analyst approval across the insurance industry and beyond.

Americas Awards 2023 Winner regulatory reporting software of the year
Americas Awards 2022 Winner Actuarial modeling solution of the year
RiskTech100 2022 FIS Overall Winner
RiskTech100 2022 FIS Insurance
TMI Awards 2022 for innovation excellence
Aite Best-in-cass provider for investment accounting
Asia Awards 2022

Get inspiration from insurance experts

Discover thought leadership from the people who live and breathe insurance. Stay up to date with trends, dive deep into complex topics and see what’s coming up next.

Evaluate your function’s fitness levels

Do you have the control you need over complex treasury and payment processes? Test your finance function’s ability to drive growth and reduce risk.

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Modernization is a must

Modernizing is about more than keeping up with the times. It means you can do more for your policyholders to boost satisfaction and loyalty.

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The power of digital transformation

Digitization has become a must-have for today’s insurers. But what specific advantages can a successful digital transformation bring to your business?

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How close are you to maximum efficiency?

Are your operations as efficient as they could be? Explore how well automated and connected your systems are and where there’s room for improvement.

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Prepare today for tomorrow’s demands

In these fast-changing times, you can’t afford to not keep innovating. Explore how today’s innovations will drive growth in insurance tomorrow.

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It’s time to transform

As technology and customer expectations evolve, so should you. Insurers need to go beyond the traditional touchpoints.

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Digital is the way to go

Opening a digital payment gateway gives policyholders more options when paying premiums and a better experience all around.

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Innovation is key to success

What makes innovation so important for today’s insurers? Our expert, Alex Orechoff, discusses the meaning of digital transformation for a fiercely competitive industry.

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How is your business coping?

Modern digital channels and new payment patterns mean more connectivity challenges for most insurance treasuries, as well as higher risk of fraud.

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See your future

What seems like a pipe dream today could make a real difference to your profits and your policyholders tomorrow. Experience the possibilities now in virtual reality.

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Don’t risk getting left behind

Change keeps coming. Take better care of your business and do more for your policyholders by digitizing your operations.

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Are you ready for what’s next?

Gain insight into payment activity, drive engagement and maximize collections by giving policyholders more digital ways to pay.

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Plan for the future now

There’s no better time than now to learn what trends you face and how to build for a better future.

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Strike a balance

It’s more important than ever for the CFO of a growing insurance company to optimize operation costs, compete through compliance and support technology with talent.

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Engage your policyholders

As every insurer knows, meaningful customer engagement is both key to growth and hard to achieve. How can the latest tech help your firm rise to the challenge?

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Drive efficiency with digital ease

In the digital age, insurance should be easy to both purchase and provide. Why let overly complex, manual operations hold your business back?

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What you do matters

Insurance companies play a vital role in managing and modeling the risks associated with climate change, which means it’ll pay to prepare now.

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Kickstart your transformation today

There’s no better way to boost efficiency and provide a truly modern customer experience than by moving your company to the cloud.

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Global Payments Report 2023

In-depth and up-close, GPR 2023 gives you a better look at where the world of payments is turning.

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Solutions by topic

Enhance Trading and Investing – Asset Management and Servicing

Drive growth and optimize efficiency

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Optimize Operations and Control Risk – Policy Administration and Workflow

Automate and streamline operations

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Optimize Operations and Control Risk – Finance and Accounting

Simplify accounting and reporting

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Optimize Operations and Control Risk – Risk and Compliance

Monitor exposure and ensure compliance

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Manage Wealth and Retirement – Wealth Management

Add value all around

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Manage Wealth and Retirement – Retirement Solutions

Bring plans up to date

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It’s a race to the top – don’t get left behind

With FIS, you can start supporting growth from a stronger, more resilient foundation. Build on our absolute performance as the #1 global fintech provider, backed by financial stability, rigorous security and decades of industry expertise.

Whether you offer individual, group, wealth and retirement, P&C or health insurance, we help you tackle the challenges confronting insurance companies today:

You’re facing a highly competitive, digital-first landscape where you must compete with aggressive insurtech entrants. We enable you to deliver a personalized, digitized and frictionless experience that attracts, retains and delights customers.

Market Changes
Sustained inflation, sustainability concerns and evolving customer product and purchase preferences make it hard to keep up. With FIS, you can modernize your legacy systems and rely on a single vendor to reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

Whether you’re a small firm or an enterprise company, fraud and cyber-attacks are growing exponentially – and your security needs to be as powerful as your technology. FIS has you covered with leading-edge security solutions that have protected our clients for decades.

On time and right the first time


Provide secure, on-time cardholder service while gaining valuable card program insights that give you a competitive advantage.

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Stay ahead of cardholder expectations

Credit Card Processing

Step up to credit card payment processing that alleviates cardholder worries about security and eliminates frustration when using their cards or redeeming rewards.

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Reconciliation reinvented

FIS Data Integrity Manager (Formerly IntelliMatch)

Harness automation and AI to optimize efficiency. Track your reconciliation inventory, define and demonstrate control and employ machine learning to accelerate reconciliation tasks.

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Modernize your credit and collections processes


Automate the order-to-cash cycle with accounts receivable automation software that helps increase cash flow, mitigate risk and drive efficiency.

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Go global, feel local

Global Acquiring

Fast and reliable cross border payments.

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Improve operational efficiency

Global FX

Enable your customers, entities and proxies, including branches and web channels, to manage their FX payments and trades.

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Generate significant cost savings

FIS Integrated Payables

Whether you require assistance with check printing and delivery or electronic payments including ACH, international ACH and wires, FIS Integrated Payables provides execution services for all.

Solution details

Accelerate the payments cycle

Integrated Receivables

Become a strategic cash flow partner for your commercial clients and help them improve cash flow and operational expenses.

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Ensure your business thrives

FIS Managed IT

To compete in the digital age, high-performance organizations recognize that they must fundamentally change how they operate.

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Go global

Multicurrency Solutions

Accept and settle payments on a global scale with multicurrency solutions that enable easy, secure and profitable cross-border payment acceptance.

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Efficiency, convenience and security

NYCE Payment Network

Capitalize on the efficiency, consumer convenience and security of electronic real-time payments.

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Create personalized, impactful communications

Print and Mail

Whether it’s a letter, invoice, notice or any customer communication, make sure it reflects the positive image you wish to convey.

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Improve workflow and controls

FIS Payment Hub - Quantum Edition

Centralize and standardize your global payments processes to lower costs, improve controls, gain cash visibility and reduce fraud risk.

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Make payments in a smarter way


Discover a faster, simpler and more convenient way to pay your customers, suppliers and employees globally.

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Real-time rewards

Premium Payback

Shoppers like rewards, but they love rewards they can instantly use.

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Simplify your business operations

FIS Prepaid Solutions

Offer a convenient and secure alternative to cash or checks with single-load and reloadable prepaid products, and custom and packaged programs.

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Streamline connectivity

FIS Swift Services

Securely connect with global banking partners through direct or indirect connectivity, including SWIFT and other exchanges or networks.

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Build the experience you require


Create a better customer experience, unifying content across multiple systems through our APIs and data integration tools.

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Digital and modern

FIS Treasury and Risk Manager – Integrity Edition

Take a simple and seamless path to a best-in-class digital treasury for better visibility into cash and risk.

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Liquidity and risk control

FIS Treasury and Risk Manager – Quantum Edition

Manage cash, risk management, debt and investment, FX, hedge accounting and more. Safeguard and steward your bank’s financial assets and manage its liabilities.

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Empower faster decisions

FIS Watchlist Reporter

Make sound analytical sanctions decisions faster with an advanced fraud detection solution that provides match transparency.

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