In partnership with The Venture Center, the FIS Fintech Accelerator:

Accelerates the pace of innovation in financial services

Creates partnership and investment opportunities with emerging technology companies and solutions

Drives the innovation process and differentiated offerings to market together with our FIS Clients

Banks have to redact sensitive data in various use cases, whether that is their legal departments, whether that is for lending or investment banking, there is definitely use cases for processing those documents and protecting sensitive data.”

- Amanda Levay, Founder & CEO of Redactable

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One of the things that banks are struggling with is always showing their regulators that “hey we are doing the right thing, we do care about compliance.” Themis helps banks, and fintechs, collaborate with each other. We do this by accelerating their partnerships, by easing onboarding and ongoing monitoring. Both things that regulators really care about.”

- Neepa Patel, Founder & CEO of Themis

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Financial institutions are looking for ways to compete with third party fintech from the West Coast that sometimes makes it really difficult, because they can run really fast. So we built a similarly styled platform that enables and partners with banks, versus trying to take banks on.”

- Bryce Deeney, Co-Founder & CEO of Equipifi

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Privacy Lock is the first product that offers full automation to do privacy compliance and consumer request tracking, and so in terms of implementation, this is the best product on the market. And we never collect customer Pll so banks do not take on any extra risk by using our tool in order to do privacy compliance.”

- David Ritter, CEO & Co-Founder of Privacy Lock

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Banks are faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to payments. We bring a unique and simple solution for payments. Right now we’re attacking P2P. The ability to send money between two people seamlessly, truly seamlessly, is kind of a first that we solved.”

- Mick Oppy, CEO & Co-Founder of Neural Payments

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At Sardine, the mission we’re all driving towards is to protect the financial services industry against some of the very nasty fraud vectors that are emerging and build the next generation of fraud tools for the industry.”

- Ravi Loganathan, Head of Financial Institution Services of Sardine

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I think we're all doing our best to offer responsible products that help find and fill specific needs for our communities. As companies are out there struggling with hiring and retaining employess, on demand pay isone of those products that fit right in to that.”

- Kayling Gaver, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Tapcheck

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Connect Earth is an environmental data company. We help banks embed environmental data into their retial banking, commercial banking, and investment products. Fundamnentally, climate solution in finance are growing at a fast rate. The demand from consumer and businesses is growing to understand their carbon footprint and Connect Earth can provide these insights with their API products.”

- Alex Lempka, CEO & Co-founder of Connect Earth

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Credit card debt in the U.S. is incredibly costly. Our product, Credit Card Coach is one of those rare win-win solutions. Banks can give their customers a valuable product and service to help them better manage their credit cards, control their spending, manage their payments, and user their cards to improvde their financial flexibility.”

- Joseph Gracia, Founder & CEO of Nickles

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The solution that offer is a solution for every financial institution in the world - small bank, large bank, community bank, it doesn't really matter. If your're dealing with transactions, we can help optimize your transaction monitoring process. We bring a lot of efficiency for all kind of banks.”

- Karin Schreiber, Chief Commercial Officer of Sygno

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12 weeks. 10 companies.

One goal: Success

During the 12-week program, bankers, subject matter experts, and financial service executives engage with pre-vetted, market-validated fintech companies. This provides financial institution leaders the unique opportunity to visit with each of the portfolio companies participating in the program and help refine their product models to suit customer needs.

Program Benefits

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  • fis-icon-check Subject Matter Expert Curriculum
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