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Accepting Payments Is Easy with Virtual Terminal

Start taking payments over the phone securely with Virtual Terminal, a web-based interface to connect to the world of electronic payments. Virtual Terminal is ideal for taking payments over the phone or by email order, particularly if you don't have a card.

Virtual terminal benefits

Practical, affordable, simple to use and easy to set up, Virtual Terminal offers more ways for your customer to pay


Take payments over the phone with our secure web interface


Quick and easy to access with no technical setup required


Virtual Terminal is is a safe and compliant payment solution
The whole process has been very smooth - it just does what it's supposed to do every time, consistently and without any fuss."
Marc Wileman, Sublime Science

How do I use Virtual Terminal?Taking payments is simple and involves just three easy steps

Step 1:

Log in to Business Manager

Step 2:

Enter your customers' details into the secure payments page

Step 3:

The payment is processed, authorised and completed